september 20, 2021


Your website is probably the most important part of your business outreach. Considering how all operations are digital now, it works as your business card. It is your representative in the online world where competition is extremely high. People have loads of options to chose from. The worst-case scenario in this would be if your web development is faulty. 

Here are 5 mistakes you should definitely not make on your website if you don’t want to end up losing your traffic.

  1. Content unoptimized for SEO
    We understand that the algorithm of Google keeps changing from time to time. This may make updating your website regularly a difficult task. But, if you want to rank on top of the search result page, you need the best SEO practices more than anything else. It would even be better if you hire a company for expert help.
  2. CTA elements not up to the mark
    You need to be creative to be the favourite of your customers. If your website does not provide attractive click to action elements, it won’t be much successful in influencing sales. They must be clearly visible and highlighted so that the users are invited to take action.
  3. Not mobile-friendly
    It is a huge waste of potential and an amazing website if it is not mobile-friendly. Out of all the mistakes in web development, this is what you should probably be most careful not to make. You need to be where your customers are and most of them are using their mobiles for everyday search.
  4. Loading time too slow
    It goes without saying that we’re all very busy. When someone opens your website, they want to quickly go through, find the information they need and get out. If it is slow, they won’t be pretty happy with it and are most likely not to return.
  5. Lacking updates
    Dead links or errors may be common but not appreciated at all. Keeping your website up-to-date is really important. Customers should be able to find real-time information about you and the products and services you offer rather than missing pages.

Whatever the web development problem, the solution is one- Aemeyo. Get rid of all the previous mistakes and head towards a more successful and streamlined online business. Contact us!

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