september 27, 2021


The user feedback can give you a lot of pride as well as frustration. As the android/IOS app market continues to grow, users are becoming much more compelled to try different apps and see which ones of them they like more. Not only this, but they also share their own experience with others which can be an encouragement for more people to try a particular app. Thus, analyzing user feedback is a very important part of marketing.

Unlike the old days, feedback can now be very easily collected with just a few clicks. While most of us do the same, the difference between successful companies and all others lies in how they make use of the feedback. Multinational companies employ more than hundreds of people only for the purpose of analyzing and responding to feedback. This analysis will help a business at every level. 

So, how can we analyze the user feedback?

  • Read every review
    The app stores where your android/IOS apps are listed for downloading have a section for feedback. It can contain customer reviews regarding your old or new features or some complaints or suggestions. The first step to analyzing user feedback is by going through each n every review and respond to them as positively as possible.
  • Analyze analytic funnels
    Analytic funnel is a very useful method where you analyze user engagement at each stage of your online content. You have to take note of the number of customers engaging at each level along with separating the feedback at each stage. This will help you easily identify any weaknesses or gaps in any part of your system.
  • Check conversion rate
    Conversion rate is what most of us are focused on at the end of the day. Feedback analysis will help you prepare better for it as you know the shortcomings that your users point out and can work to make them better. This will let you convince the users that you are not only good but also trustworthy and pay attention to every detail,
  • Build a better relationship
    Your feedback and the way you respond to it is a great means of improving customer relationships. No matter what, remember to stay positive. Take all criticism in a constructive manner and work around it. Also, thank the users for taking out their precious time to review your app.

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