november 15, 2021


Online marketing is the definite way to reach maximum customers in a minimum time. As you might be aware, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. This makes it a critical part of promoting your business online.

But what if you’re posting amazing content and still not getting the results you aim for? It is very important to focus on increasing your reach and we have some tips to help you with that.

  • Start making reels
    Reels are short-form video content which is very fun to watch. They are usually about a minute long or less. This makes them popular among people, especially those who do not like spending time on long-form content. You can keep your point crisp and highlight small things in every video.
  • Develop a hashtag strategy
    The most effective way to reach many people on Instagram is by using the correct hashtags. Using only popular hashtags will cause you issues due to high competition. Whereas, only specific hashtags might not even be trending. The solution- use a variety of hashtags. Also, analyse use competitors hashtags from time to time.
  • Tag relevant brands and people
    If some brand or person is in your picture, always make sure to tag them. The key to online marketing is being a team player. They may end up sharing your post. Even if they don’t, it will show in their tagged pictures section and people can find you.
  • Use exact location tags
    When you check out the options for tagging location on Instagram, various general suggestions pop up. If you want to reach more people, be specific instead and type the exact location. This way you’ll be more discoverable to people who are looking for a specific place.
  • Apply stickers to your stories
    Instead of plain pictures or videos, try to spice things up with stickers. You can engage in various ways with the audience using these. There are options for pols, quiz, questions, countdown, slider, etc. Use them to your advantage and check engagement on your stories.

That’s it. But you can enjoy much more reach if you seek online marketing experts who grow your social media organically. We happen to be the experts in it. Contact Aemeyo right now!

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