oktober 11, 2021


Web development undergoes constant changes with the change in standards and requirements of the customers. Today, people are looking for quick information, entertainment, socializing and personalization in every website experience. While all these features need separate attention, there is something that can solve the issue of distraction and keep your customers engaged- MEDIA.

In media, you can make use of audio, video, graphics, images, etc. The options available are never-ending. But nothing works the magic like images. They are simple, easy-to-load and do not consume much time and data of the customer. Thus, low chances of getting ignored.

Like everything else in business, images also work well only when used correctly. So, here are some tips which can help you with it.

  • Stick to meaningful images
    You should not include images in your website simply to fill up white spaces or attract customers. They must serve a purpose. You need to ask yourself why you chose that particular image to be placed at that particular spot on your website. If you don’t get an answer, think if the images are relevant to your content or not.
  • Restrict larger images above the fold
    The area above the fold is the first space that customers see without scrolling as soon as they open your website. It needs to be used very efficiently so that people must have something to scroll down for. Make sure that your web development isn’t fixed too much on images and the important information gets pushed below.
  • Use images in the background
    Background images are really attractive and give a good first impression to every customer who visits your website. So, you need to be clear of the atmosphere that you want to create using them. Then, find a suitable image and test how it looks.
  • Focus more on real people
    Humans connect to humans more than anything else. So, depicting real human emotions on your website will be in your favour. Use high-quality images that are attractive and go well with the character of your site.
  • Ensure that images don’t mean slow speed
    Optimize your images in such a way that they do not affect the speed of your website. Most of the world uses 4G data speed with 5G coming along the way. But this doesn’t mean that every customer can have access to high speed at every location. You must evaluate all factors and give them quick and interesting information.

The right people know how to create the perfect balance of elements in your website. Aemeyo’s experts can help you with all your web development needs so that you enjoy more customers and your users enjoy their experience with you.

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