november 22, 2021


The holiday season is the biggest sales booster of the year. As it is about to begin around the world, make sure that you’re done with your webshop development and updating as 2021 has definitely been a year of online shopping dominance. But remember that it alone can’t help you.

A spike in orders is great but what good will it be if you are not ready to fulfil the demand. It will cause damage to your brand’s reputation and result in the loss of customers. 

So, pay attention to the tips below to get your back office ready in advance for an amazing holiday season.

  • Seasonal staff to the rescue
    Instead of adding more people to your full-time team, hire workers that can help you get through the season efficiently. Paying extra workers later on when the demand decreases or firing people from your team is surely an unnecessary hassle that is better if avoided. Prepare a separate training plan for them and let them know exactly what your expectations are.
  • Optimize processes accordingly
    Managing your orders well is the key to a successful holiday season. Get your webshop development done in advance to remove existing bugs. Orders should be handled in a specific way, be it first come first serve or VIP first. Stock up your workstation with all the necessary materials. Check all order details properly for accuracy.
  • Keep your inventory prepared
    Your inventory should be stocked in an efficient manner. There must never be too much or too little of any item. Analyze your products and order more of your best sellers. But keep enough numbers of your low selling items as well because you never know what the customers might suddenly want.
  • Ensure easy returns
    A lot of businesses provide discounts during holidays but no returns. While this may be necessary, try to avoid it. This discourages people from buying your product unless they are sure about it. So, put an end to their fears and welcome new customers with open arms via an intelligently designed return policy for the holidays.

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