december 13, 2021


Email marketing is one of the most underrated forms of online marketing. It has a really high return on investment and is pretty cheap to execute. If you succeed in getting it right, email marketing can work wonders for your business. 

But how can you ensure that you’re going in the correct direction? Here are some ways to do so

  • Use a reputable provider
    If you run a marketing program through Gmail or Outlook, you can easily get your primary address blacklisted. You’ll also have no access to click rate or an easy way to automate signups into specific segments.
  • Stay consistent
    Set some subscriber expectations beforehand and follow through with them. Be regular with the days on which you send weekly specials, service follow-ups, reminders, etc. Outsourcing this service from an agency that has a full-fledged team of experts will help you greatly. You can get this as a part of the online marketing package.
  • Prioritize mobile-first template
    Your layout needs to be mobile-friendly since that is the device on which most of your young and middle-aged customers will be opening your emails. If you’re still including two or three-column layouts that need to be zoomed in, stop it right now. If your template contains readable interesting information, the customers will be ready to scroll below. So, don’t try to fit too much in a little space. Your content is much more important than the layout. Just choose one that goes well on mobiles and stick with it.
  • Include an email signup button or form on the website
    It is common to include social media icons on the header/footer of your website. But what about email? It should always be the first icon in the lineup. That is because it’s the place where your customers are most likely to see your content, unlike social media where it may be lost.

Every email you send deserves all the attention and at Aemeyo we strive to do that. Get 360 degree online marketing services from the best in business and see how you achieve new heights of success.

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