november 8, 2021


A change in culture and preferences invites a change in web design trends as well. This is because websites need to be created the way users want their experience to be. This year, it was all about embracing the ordinary instead of looking for something extra. Simplicity won all the way and digital plus normal came together to form the trend.

Want to know more about what trended in the 2021 web design sector? Have a look!

  • Comfortable colours
    Bold colours and texts were always preferred to create a strong impact on users. But this year is all about soothing the eyes. Toned down backgrounds are thus the ultimate choice for an aesthetic website nowadays. Considering the increase in time spent on electronic devices, this is a great way to reduce strain.
  • Physical + Digital
    The mixing of real-world images with creative graphics is a trend that you definitely must have seen. Along with it, animations and playful typography are coming together to create some amazing visuals that look lively and pleasant.
  • Easy e-commerce
    Online shopping is a trend that is accelerating with every passing day. People are preferring it over traditional means of shopping. So, web designs are now being made to be easily navigable to turn visitors into conversions. The buyer’s needs and top discounts have to be kept upfront.
  • User-controlled videos
    Videos on the website are the best marketing technique. But, they aren’t exactly very thrilling for the users. This means user-controlled videos get the upper hand over autoplay videos. You must focus on enticing the users to watch a video instead of forcing them to.
  • Questionnaires
    They are the ultimate means of ensuring user interaction on your website. Easy personal multiple-choice questions about likes and dislikes make prospective buyers feel like a part of your brand. This will also help you in curating suggestions for them based on their interest.
  • Trust builders
    Even one or two trust builders, which are the perfect fit for your business, can be successful in gaining you customers. So, data visualizations, logos, reviews, portfolios, social involvement, etc will go a long way.

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