september 13, 2021


Ideally, your designs are not supposed to directly sell anything at all. In fact, it is very unlikely for a viewer’s first impression of your content to result in a sale. Well then, why should you go through the trouble of hiring a software company with experienced web designers and developers if the design doesn’t even have a major role to play?

The answer to this is simple. 

The focus of designs lies in creating a memorable impression which stops visitors in the middle of their tracks and urges them to view the next page, image, etc. 

So, it needs to be visually appealing to attract attention and then hold their interest for long enough to further increase curiosity. Just like the first sentence in copywriting has to be powerful enough to make the reader proceed till the end to make a sale, a software company designs a website to work in the same way.

Also, every business has a story to convey to the customers which need more than a logo or banner to be told properly. Design helps to present all those details in a neat and systematic manner instead of unorganized pieces of information.

Another very important role of design is that it helps you customize your website for the target niche. For example, if you are a brand focussed on mothers and babies, you cannot include people aged above 50 or teenagers as a part of your website. As soon as the customer opens your web page, that is not the correct impression it should give. 

Thus, while the design may not be directly involved in the process of making a sale, it is a fundamental part of the entire process which can absolutely not be ignored. 

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